Narrative is the art closet to the ordinary daily operation of the human kind. People find the meaning of their lives in the idea of sequence, in conflict, in metaphor and in moral

People think and make judgements from their confidence of narrative; anyone at any age , is able to tell the story of his or her life with authority


It all depends on the magnitude of your enthusiasm. How often do you find yourself falling in love with things ?What brings the love to an abrupt stop ?How fast do you recuperate to fall in love again or what gives you the morale to love again? Should we be talking about revisiting your passion or it does not stop once it starts working on you ?

Situations do come without alerting and they smash us so hard that we find ourselves not loving again or going on a love suspension. Even with your big passion , financial bombs blow hence exploding sinister that may get you not to love again..Like the case of a young editor with a very big passion for editing and publishing his very own articles finds himself in malicious situation and he stops writing abruptly.. Though the passion existed in a big way it lacked the mundane basics to get it back in motion..

Thereafter in the midst of time a morale is ignited .The ignition is so real and strong until the passion can’t idle anymore. Because of the accuracy in timing ,the passion this time is bigger and way better than back then .

Revisiting your passion is one thing you can never escape .All you need is an unerring morale and some questions on why the passion choose you.

I have now resumed .This time in an equivocal style.

Contrast of his real life and dreams

All kicks off with much unperturbed ambitions and desires of being a renowned journalist ,, with a very clear image of him reading news in one of the leading stations in the country

An image that remained vivid in his mind but as time went by it diverged into many clips

The realisation of an expansive genre that was once an image now unfolded before his eyes

A genre that had many subs- some so attracting in the sense that his passion for it still existed ,,and now there was divert from the news anchor to an editor – yea ” writing “all the captivating stories the passion had taught him were fresh and ready to be told in different ways

To be continued