The demise of a prime fashion stylist. Kaloleni.


Instagram’s most beloved and influential drip king Kaloleni is no more. The star commonly known by his Instagram name Kaloleni perished in a grievous road accident whose details of occurrence are yet to be identified. Kaloleni succumbed alongside his fellow socialite warrence musalia who acted as the manager gunizz entertainment.

The bodies of the deceased influencers were obtained at the city morgue where a reprimand of 500 shillings was demanded for viewing the body.

During his tenure as Kenya’s most valued dresser, kaloleni worked as the manager, fine labels a thrift store based in Nairobi. Everything he imagined or did was bounded around style. His utterances revolved around fashion if not excursions and adventurers and his Instagram presence was rigid and never flickered out of likes. The Instagram family loved him.

Kenya’s Instagram scene where he obliged his loyalty is frozen and struck in awe as the abrupt death announcement of their top socialite kaloleni pierces through their daily activities. From top influencers who knew him as an equal competitor to upcoming ones and to the fans who knew him only in pictures his pictures are making the highlights in these individuals posts.  Dubbed as Mzee mnyama kaloleni was the perfect dresser poised for the contemporary world.

Gas cooker a close friend of his who confirmed the death announced that it was as a result of an accident. As people await more details to emerge on what could have transpired denting a gap on Kenya’s fashion industry, emotions are high as fans and close friends struggle to believe the announcement.

Speaking to issa Ahmed the closest of the deceased, it was evident that it was a sudden and sorrowful death and the loss was a new devastation. The luminary who was first to announce the demise expressed pain indicating that an interview was unnecessary and won’t help redo the situation.

However as the tragic accident denotes the climax of his existence that was full of dreams and stunning ambitions, his legacy will augment his good taste towards the generation Zs street wear, his uncommon sense of fashion and his key position as an influencer on Kenya’s Instagram scene. He set the pace for a vibrant drip lifestyle and as his soul rests in glory his apprentices whom he mentored take up the lead in prospering what he had started.

Kaloleni during his heyday. He was precocious, girl-crazy and industrious.

As many users kept on salivating for his affluent lifestyle, it is evident that kaloleni was hardworking and his persistency towards the thrift business awarded him the potential to purchase up to date and high-priced labels. Friends eulogize him as dynamic, industrious and thriving. And the accident did him an injustice.

Nonetheless as his lifestyle was all over Instagram his demise was silenced. Their was were pictures of a crushed car on Instagram, no fanfare, no lavish party. Just a shocking revelation inadequate of pictorial facts as one of his many ways of conveying his meanings.

According to Wesley Daya who’s panic impelled him to confirm from the mortuary reveals that it was horrifying to watch a person with the brightest future lay motionlessly. Dead. The friend who they got published together in the pulse magazine for their great efforts in elevating the Kenyan fashion industry said that not even words could clarify the loss.

He knew the decrees of style and how the new world would revert to embrace more complex modes of style.

Kaloleni who maintained a distance with his fans was loyal to his friends. Emerging details point that his presence was prestigious and only his close friends were familiar with his intrinsic nature.

Kaloleni. Dressed in a palm angels outfit kaloleni was Kenya’s top stylist. Photo .instagram

However, as the Instagram society of influencers and socialites weep, the Kenyan fashion industry is also wiping out tears. Kaloleni according to his friends was obliged fully to the demands of the modern day street wear and went on to win awards for the same. TV shows and newspapers had never reaped enough of his prestige. He was spoken of in various news outlets as his closet composed of worldwide labels mostly of the latest release. Arguably he was a different kind of stylist.

The grieving comments section. The Instagram world where he had pledged his loyalty was frowned seeking answers on why fate had to harsh

Fellow socialites known to reign the Kenyan Instagram scene have took to Instagram expressing their utmost condolences following their death of their; loved one. Famous thrift trendy owner, Nairobi west incur shared an image of him together with kaloleni at a past event saying it was a huge blow to the flourishing fashion industry. ‘’ we never die, we multiply. It is a big loss to the fashion industry and to the family.’’ He continued to state that kaloleni was for sure an icon.

Singer masterpiece who worked with kaloleni in various fashion events confessed it was unbelievable that a star slipped out so easily. With most Instagram users being fans to the deceased the popular app is now frozen with gloom and bewilderment.

Fear of God, essentials, louis vitton alongside dolce gabbana were favorite labels the icon cherished swathing.

Allies acting as his once closest buddies have urged fellow youth committed to the youthful wits to remain careful with their lives as death reappears unexpectedly and mysteriously

Just like an affluent teenager, kaloleni loved festivities. The socialite whose prominence emanated from his capacity to purchase the most valuable clothing labels was also adored for his engagement with music, girls and dance at parties in renowned drop ins in the country. People loved him not for his fashion adhesiveness alone but also his sentiment towards the partying scene. He was a star.


Upcoming Essay: Instagram as the new playground for contemporary Kenyan youth.

Earnestly, the current age group of youth is continuing to portray signs of infatuation towards wealth and fantasize openly as they create and build the captivating visions of them sitting boldly next to ‘Elon musk’. Others opine as they brilliantly lead successful lives with the exclusion of a crucial part in this self-acclaimed process of wealth acquasation. However the notoriety, influx and popularity of this seasonal misdemeanor has expressed similarity caused by its point of emanation.

With a sign as clear as the noonday sun, the search for likes and followers on the Kenyan instagram scene has breeded a scourge of vague influence that has compelled thousands and thousands of Kenyan millennial in believing in edited pictorials as real life situations. Sadly research adds up that just as a skeptic application made by human brains, posts undergo a similar workmanship that pertains selecting props and scenes that depict affluence and decency. More clearer online can be ascribed oppressive but living in a contemporary world that is veered one towards technology it is worth saying and relatable that offline too is oppressive. Their are arguably the merits of ‘offline’ which are looked at from a corrective point of view but the abstenance of online should come with a more incisive prescription. Share, like and await my composition on Instagram as the new playground for cellular Kenyan youth.

It is a generation ulalating soft life with much gusto than that of work. But as a reminder, humans find their essence through work. As Gods plan for humankind was to toil in order to eat. Technology has introduced vague beliefs of living affluent lives without putting in effort. In my upcoming essay I write about a new world and a new generation that is seeking to secure titles, lead rich lives and divert the intrinsically-biult maxim of mortality. With the Kenyan government beginning to prey on such antelopes, it is revealed that social media is the abode of such people. Although I am not an anomaly of this demeanor I enjoy a powerful critical distance through interaction, leisurely enjoyment and a hawk-eyed interest.

How Reggae music works.

Reggae fanatics conform to a loyalty habit that holds their taste of music from being wafted by other hit music genres. Even with the hit waves of music singing in their doorsteps and backyards they glare it with the look of indifference ignoring its obvious popularity. This distinctively draws the line between the functionality of other music genes and the unique genre of reggae.

Because of a sacred foundation, Reggea music fans posses loyal virtues that enable them escape the bully of hit songs. Photo- Courtesy

Fans belong to various music genres that exist in the music industry and they tend to have an exclusive genre that they have their pledge on and handles it with the best of passion. Hereby people prefer a genre that puts them at their sweetest feelings. But the real issue is that  people who like Hip hop seem to get a nuance attraction towards RnBs or EDMS and have other local and international hits on their favorite playlists. This is the tolerable conformity . it is the most preferred tract for the reasons that humans prefer limitless options and not monopolistic options to chain their tastes. However, this normalcy of life is extinct to the group that adulates reggae.

This resemblance of normal lacks in the menus of reggae fans. They act unfriendly  to anything that doesn’t swing locks and lacks the clangor of humming guitars and wailing singers.

When Mejia swerves the nation with his mega hits it seems obvious that even the lot that rarely listens to music is mumbling and talking about it. Or in the occasion of an international hit that gathers viewership and support from the entire world. The likelihood in most occasions is that there is a particular song that pops up from the blank vicinity and finds apathy with your taste. It is an actual potrayance of the normal that surrounds humans seeking to find joy in this transitory life.

However, fans relating themselves to this Jamaican- based genre are segregated according to their behavior and maintenance of the music genre. There is a larger lot that has bought the title of a Reggae fanatics but  their practicality with the genre renders them minors. Reggae music is analogical and sang to reminisce the torments of colonization. The mysterious unique posture of this genre is as a result of the religious beliefs that were tied to its foundation. As the audience for this west African originated music lead lesser stereotypical lives ,it becomes clear that religion being a basic need, was influential in the foundation of this music.

A reggae festival: photo -Courtesy

The real fans portray an allegation habit that ensures they are immobile in a fast moving continent. The fact that this genre is not very broad, one would seek to know the necessity that puts one into this kind of senseless restriction. This far distincts real fans for their lowly regard of the issues of life and their lack of pressure in this tumultuous life. It is for such reasons that this genre of music sets its table to disparate others. Its steady and slow

Through a cross section of history it is stated that pleasantries that makes up the beats of reggea music are an imitation of the gun sounds and the painful site of crime in the streets of kingstone. The unique acoustics  inflict a reminiscory affliction in the minds of its audience making it more addictive . living in days when hardships  are a regular thing, it is more fulfilling for fans to pledge their interests on this genre and live with it like non other genre exists.

Reggae music has a loathe for people who are unrealistically seeking clout and has a way of exposing them. Firstly, the music doesn’t respire in terms of taste hence boring is a term not associated with reggae. Listening to similar music throughout your entire life might portend boredom all because it was not meant for you or because your soul failed to rhyme with it. .

However primitive reggae music seems it largely satisfies its fans and goodness never fades in the ears of its authentic listeners. It guarantees companionship to its listeners offering a lifetime option of entertainment that is bold and simple. In a world where popularity sets the agenda for the day, reggae music controverts the obvious that life still has potential to reserve prestige against time.

It is hereby laudable that culture and religion are the ultimate components that embolden reggae music and once one is able to spot the two in the heavily acousted music; pledge pats on his shoulders.


Eschewal: How parents dig graves for their own children.

Guardians eschewed cuddling responsibility – digging deep graves for their grown up children.

Whatever ordeal happens on the day first years get admitted to campus is inscrutable despite everybody thinking it’s right and to date. The kid believes that time has ripened for him/her to battle the world. Parents and guardians akin to their siblings happily disengage themselves from the kids very confident that their sons and daughters are adults.

The admission day is blurred by parents looming all corners of the administration make sure their kid is attended to. They end the hectic bout by giving them enough money and right after the exchange ends they allude the biblical Pilate who washed his hands as a disengagement sign from the controversial trial of Christ. The money is the final sign of life left and once it’s given the parents disappear ,wash their hands and leave at ease. Sighing that a bout of a recessive chore is done.

That day for many becomes the last time they engage is a productive talk and the next time they do the kid will be a zombie.

Arguably a good number of parents believe most responsibilities as a parent are relieved from them once the kid joins campus but sadly it might not be the story. Kids who enjoyed freedom once in a lifetime abscond to it’s snares as the plosive quantity cannot be digested.

In this conformative scheme, the kids are immersed in freedom they have never seen and as they try to stay afloat they pounce on sailors offering rides in their boats and others giving them diving gears : all this while the system dictates that they must swim to the end. They loose painfully because of conformative parents who believe they are doing well .Considerably it is like taking a cow to the jungle and expect it to act normally. It sounds as absurd .

Eric a student at one of the leading media schools in kenya ratifies the Eschewal saying their those who will go back home after the four years despite the pleading by the parents.” It is as overrated as it seems. The parents begun it”

The wildest drug consumers track their first encounter during their first days of campus. Trying not to reserve the eschewal demerits to drugs, latter bad decisions are made that intrinsically disorient the kids lives. But satisfiably no parent should be heard scapegoat “kwani huyu mtoto aliharibikia wapi”. However confident a parent might be on the condition of his kid making phone calls regarding their pace is healthy and might keep them swimming.

Pitifully, conversations made at this moment are extremely short and the only productive message is money. The parent sends and the conversation ends .

Parents after 18 or so years of cuddling, they eschew a very major role and the kid right after portrays signs of incompetence when it comes to handling this freedom . And so when drugs show up they don’t recline. The elation they grab from the substances is magical ;it revives them once more in a more complex way instantly throwing the parent out of the arena.
And the new journey of adulthood begins.

In this particular scheme parents aren’t expected to interfere with their kids lives or even live with him/her. No; what the son or daughter is restive for is the sporadic adulation and a guide that ensures the liberty is not embezzled. If the guide is availed at the wee hours of campus they can be then left to commuter adulthood.

With a lame financial back, running after trends will instantly dissect you, hurl you into depression before it lets you end your life.

Students have lately marked themselves regular revellers at famous alcohol joints in the country. Photo courtesy

The infamous issue on youngsters wanting to feature in every persons story as a star is a killer shot as most of them find themselves corking their own guns in standards they blindly put up and they can’t sustain any longer. What they lack is the confidence to disappoint their crews by simply telling them that they can’t afford whatever item they posted. The matter awfully gets out of hand when you have to break their hearts by seeming feeble to put up with their pace, yet when you started you were one amazing confidant.

The vibrant life of unendless partying, the flashy lifestyle of rocking trendy outfits, the uncandid resume of taking videos as you thrust lush meals in gallitos and pizza inns has become a death bed for many youths -a unfamiliar killer shot that is fiercely snatching the lives of many youth.
Unofficially, youngsters managing to effortlessly maintain the lush style are offered a reserve of respect because they are presumed to be sophisticated and to campus students it’s a seat of honorary one would do anything to sit on.

The continuous killer trend pushes the unstable subjects to the ends of this government and once they familiarize ,things frustrate them. The seat is a precocious one that is ruled by figures whose pockets are bursting and they don’t mind spending on anything.
For our inferior subjects ,commitments and complex responsibilities comes up that unlike others that are powered by skills and workforce this one is maintained by money. They frustrate themselves and from fear of saying I cannot afford, they get depressed and when matters get out of hand they choose to end their lives and face the misery no more

University graduates in one of the renowned universities in the country. They are happy and gravid with hope that the latter side of life brings them more joy.

Students and in general, youth face various issues that drain the essence of life in them .Those who wisely choose to remain unmoved by the wavy trends because of their unstable state are hilariously considered villagers. The mediocre syndicate that is restive for titles and fame give in to the way of the trends ,only to find themselves feeble, and their rotting carcasses unveiled in the Ramshackle bedsits weeks later.

Campuses which record the most cases of the premature deaths are like Intensive care units where the subjects battle different scourges. Students apart from tacking the task on books ,they have to similarly face the latter side of life and for the unlucky syndicate that thinks life is easy ,die like rejected sinners; shunned by their own friends.

Keenly scrutinizing your situation, knowing what life is like can effectively march you towards achieving the essence of life. Chasing clouts and socialism with a financially unstable back is extremely unhealthy and it will certainly Ramshackle your life. Toxic pressure is mounted on you and for the feeble subjects running after it resought to ending their lives.

A flamboyant pizza inn; a peculiar joint where youth meet to take videos as they savour their luncheons. Many keep soaring to be part of the syndicate that regularly visits the place.

Niceties enlisted for adults are endless and unlike what most youth think that they have all the fun, then they don’t. Distancing thou from paraphernalia you can’t handle is one panacea and soaring towards changing things is the ultimate resought.


Kenya’s most inspiration businessman ,Dr chris kirubi is dead .

The deceased businessman who begun his lush saunter as an orphan. Marking him as one of Kenya’s richest men, the entrepreneur was a regular motivational speaker on twitter.

Kenya’s top businessman and entrepreneur Chris Kirubi who also happens to be the chairman Capital group limited is dead. The business prodigy has been confirmed dead by his family members today at around 1 o’clock.

The famous entrepreneur is stated to have a net worth of over US $300 million marking him one of the richest businessmen in the country.

Kirubi became rich gradually by buying small dilapidated residential and commercial real estates in Nairobi which he renovated and disposed off at a profit . The trend thickened untill the mogul’s worth soared to over US$300 million.

The businessman has been battling cancer as the family confirmed earlier today. The deceased was a very notable figure on twitter with constant motivational tweets that moved enthusiastic business beginners and the mass in general.

The prodigy rests in peace at the age of 80.

“I’m gonna die tonight” Kenyan beat maker Magix Enga exclaims in a post he made last night.

Kenyan beat maker Magix Enga who from his recent post is encountering nightmares

Producer and top Kenyan artist, Magic Enga seems to be surfing his final days on earth after updating a seriously heartbreaking post which stated that he will be dead in a few hours. The artist took to Instagram yesterday night that he will fondly miss everyone. The death hysteria caused by the post left fans and fellow artists questioning the possible prognoses for his death.
The rare post is a simple print of words followed by weeping emoji’s and a more solaced caption “I will miss everyone” , updated at exactly 10:35 am yesterday night.

The artist who seems to be a major target by an unknown syndicate, took to social media on Thursday October 2020 that he had a dangerous encounter that left him shaken. On this particular day he spotted unknown people who were armed trailing him .The artist has since then lived in fear that the infamous killers might bump on him and end his life.

In a different post, the very popular beat maker had revealed his plans to vie for the presidential seat in the coming 2022 general elections. “magix Enga for president, a leader by action, Vote for me 2022 #magixengaforpresident” read the post. -Factually the artist has a big audience that might reconsider voting him hence shaking the renowned figures who are fighting for the seat.

Trying to relate his current death announcement to music, the artist had earlier on stated that he is leaving music as it’s constantly endangering his life. In the post he vividly recalls how he came to Nairobi to try his luck in the music industry with only a back pack and a t-shirt. The artist explained in the post that he was very willing to abruptly halt his music career to sustain his life .

Fellow artists like naiboi were shocked by the post and tried calling him to get to the roots of the matter yet nothing has been confirmed yet.

In what seems like a relaxed death note the artist clearly brings out that things in his side are badly off on his side.

Generally, youth and especially artists who are serious on topping the lists in terms of finances and career ,face humongous rivals that shake them awfully hence annihilating the essence of life in them. Depression which is as a result of the battle mayhem deny them joy and ends up loosing the meaning of living.

We saw joy scribbled on dust. MY UNFOLDED DANDORA.

They did not wake up to find an opulently set table adorned with collections of cutlery and sumptuous dishes. They woke up with their feet on the run , blasting the magic of their feet to grief. The magic is there secret enticer and amid grievous happenings they never go dull

DANDORA is a revolutionary town in the outskirts of Nairobi city where most football talents emerge .

Big brother fc one of the enthusiastic football teams glorifying DANDORA .The revolution in this town is adorned by the connotations of enthusiasm in different realms that give out talents to the world.

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Narrative is the art closet to the ordinary daily operation of the human kind. People find the meaning of their lives in the idea of sequence, in conflict, in metaphor and in moral

People think and make judgements from their confidence of narrative; anyone at any age , is able to tell the story of his or her life with authority


It all depends on the magnitude of your enthusiasm. How often do you find yourself falling in love with things ?What brings the love to an abrupt stop ?How fast do you recuperate to fall in love again or what gives you the morale to love again? Should we be talking about revisiting your passion or it does not stop once it starts working on you ?

Situations do come without alerting and they smash us so hard that we find ourselves not loving again or going on a love suspension. Even with your big passion , financial bombs blow hence exploding sinister that may get you not to love again..Like the case of a young editor with a very big passion for editing and publishing his very own articles finds himself in malicious situation and he stops writing abruptly.. Though the passion existed in a big way it lacked the mundane basics to get it back in motion..

Thereafter in the midst of time a morale is ignited .The ignition is so real and strong until the passion can’t idle anymore. Because of the accuracy in timing ,the passion this time is bigger and way better than back then .

Revisiting your passion is one thing you can never escape .All you need is an unerring morale and some questions on why the passion choose you.

I have now resumed .This time in an equivocal style.